Arts and crafts in Slovakia – Folk dance

June 13, 2015

On Friday, June 12, I was walking toward the Presidential Palace and I spotted a crowd of children and youngsters dressed in traditional Slovak folk costumes standing in front of it. By the different colours and styles of the costumes I could see they were representing various regions. I was quite surprised as this is not a common thing to see at all. The whole assembly looked very interesting so I went to have a closer look. Suddenly the whole crowd moved towards the city centre. As I was wandering where they were going and what was going on I moved on and walked with them. While walking I found out from the people who were accompanying them that this was an International Festival of Children’s folklore ensembles and that all the ensembles were going to perform on the Town Hall Square. This was the 18th year of the festival and has become one of the most successful cultural events since it was launched. Every year more than 1000 children and youngsters perform their folk dancing during the procession through the streets of Old Bratislava and then on the stage. The folklore ensembles came from Slovakia but also from abroad. So I kept walking with them, behind them, in front of them, taking pictures and shooting short videos just as the dozens of other local people and pleased tourists.

The crowd of dancers and musicians was moving through the centre of Bratislava. They moved, walked for a few tens of meters, then stopped and performed several of their dances. And repeated it several times. After a few stops and very interesting street performances along Bratislava Korzo the whole crowd of about 1200 children and youngsters got, within approximately an hour and a half, to the Town Hall Square. (Korzo is the old name of this most visited promenade in the Old Town. Is has been the most frequent and popular Bratislava pedestrian zone since a few hundred years ago)


and demonstrated great pieces of folk dancing coming from many parts of Slovakia but also, for example, from Macedonia and Bulgaria.



This was a very interesting event and it really made my day. Folk dancing is a really admirable, beautiful art and especially physically very demanding. Every time I see this kind of folk dancing I am intrigued into trying it but I never really do 🙂 What I will do is I will soon come to see some folk dancing again!


Have a great day folks 🙂 and don’t forget: Visit Bratislava – Visit Slovakia