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The Best of South-West Slovakia ~ plate full of goodies and delicacies! (6-day tour)

6-day Tour

Slovakia and Austria ~ Music and goose feast in Bratislava, history in Vienna, wine in The Little Carpathians (3-day stay)

3-day Tour

Best 3 days in Bratislava ~ the capital of Slovakia is looking forward to you! (3-day stay)

3-day Tour

3-day senior program in and around Bratislava, Slovakia

3-day Tour

The Little Carpathians #1, Slovakia – top wines, ceramics, fascinating history, birds of prey (1 day tour)

1 day Tour

The Little Carpathians #2, Slovakia – tasty mead, cave experience, birds of prey, beautiful architecture of Trnava (1 day tour)

1-day Tour

Cachtice Castle – Elizabeth Bathory Bloody Legend Tour, West Slovakia (1 day tour)

1-day Tour

UNESCO Banska Stiavnica – the pearl of Slovakia (1 day tour)

1-day Tour

General Information

Tours from Bratislava
( Bratislava Airport)

Hi everyone! Planning to visit Bratislava? Thinking about things to do in Bratislava? Choose your City tour or come and join us on one of our off-the-city tours!

Interested in castles and ruins? You will visit some of the most interesting ones in Bratislava, Devin or Cachtice set in spectacular hilly settings of the Little and White Carpathians. What about local craftsmanship? Our local craftsmen will show you how they create the lovely pieces of ceramics or woodcarving which will decorate your shelf and remind you of your visit to Slovakia. Friendly atmosphere will make you feel at home.

Are you the one who is into tasting local culinary specialities? Here they are: geese, ducks, cakes, and of course delicious home-made wines and spirits. If you have never seen and touched a real piece of prehistory then our 150 million years old Sandberg where many sea animal fossils were found, a heritage of former shallow seabed, is a must see on your list.

And at the end of the day you will surely enjoy having a rest in one of Bratislava Old Town's cozy restaurants or bars surrounded by lovely historical buildings.

Come on then, have a taste of Slovakia with us!

TOUR 1: Coronation Bratislava – Walking Tour

2 – 2.5 hours

TOUR 2: Cachtice Castle – Elizabeth Bathory Bloody Legend Tour

Day Tour

TOUR 3: Sandberg and Devin – Prehistoric and Ancient Bratislava

Day Tour

TOUR 4: Boat Tour to Ancient Devin Castle Ruin

Day Tour

Tours in the High Tatras, Slovak Paradise and the best of North-East Slovakia
( Poprad Airport)

Our tiny-little Slovakia, although so little, is literally packed with all the beauties you can imagine. You may be a UNESCO spots tracer; come to see our UNESCO Spis boasting one of the largest castles in Central Europe, or the medieval towns of Spisska Kapitula and Levoca which have kept their unaltered historical charm until now. UNESCO town of Bardejov offers its most beautiful medieval square in Slovakia, lined with Renaissance burgher houses.

Our wooden churches built entirely of wood, so cute from outside and so amazingly decorated inside, are the true specialty of the region. How about caves? UNESCO Dobsinska Ice Cave is a rarity even on a global scale and a unique stalactite Belianska Cave is situated right at the foot of the Belianske Tatras, just a stone's throw away from a wonderful goral village Zdiar.

Want a bit of adventure? Join us on our Dunajec river wooden raft ride along the massifs of Pieniny National Park or come for a hike through the amazing gorge of Slovak Paradise National Park. A picturesque 18th century mansion-house Betliar is an originally furnished art-and-history museum full of surprises and wonders.

If you admire views from mountain peaks then the cable car ride up to Skalnate Pleso (Rocky Lake) in the High Tatras will definitely fulfill your touristic passion!

But enough of writing folks, you really need to come and see for yourselves!

Tour 1. UNESCO Spis I. - Spis Castle and the medieval towns of Spisska Kapitula and Levoca

approx. 6 hours

Tour 2. UNESCO Spis II. - Spis castle and the medieval towns of Spisska Kapitula, Levoca and Kezmarok

approx. 8 hours

Tour 3. Medieval town of Bardejov - UNESCO - and wooden churches of North-East Slovakia

approx. 9 hours

Tour 4. Dunajec river raft in Pieniny National Park and Stara Lubovna (Open-air museum or castle)

approx. 9 hours

Tour 5. Dobsinska Ice Cave – UNESCO – and mansion-house Betliar

approx. 7 hours

Tour 6. Dobsinska Ice Cave – UNESCO

approx. 4 hours

Tour 7. Slovak Paradise National Park and Dobsinska Ice Cave – UNESCO

approx. 7 hours

Tour 8. Skalnate Pleso (Rocky Lake), Belianska Cave and Goral village of Zdiar

approx. 6 hours

Tour 9. Slovak Paradise National Park gorge adventure

approx. 7 hours